The Good Wheel

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Find a piece of straight and level road with good sight lines, little traffic and a smooth shoulder with no drop off. Driving slowly, barely more than at idle speed. Gradually steer so that the right …

The Good Wheel Program was initiated by the City of Melbourne, and was delivered by a partnership between The Squeaky wheel good cycles. Referrals to the program were provided by AMES, lights and locks come courtesy of Knog, and helmets from Nutcase.

BEST RACING WHEEL (2018) FOR PC, PS4 & XBOX ONE | TOP RACING WHEELS 2018The Good Wheel is a genuine and unique Israel experience which includes a weekend in Tel Aviv, meetings with inspirational Israeli athletes with disabilities, a visit to the ISCD and a 4 day 180 mile bike ride through biblical Israel, shoulder to shoulder with Israeli riders, many with disabilities.

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During the first week of October (1-5), Meals on Wheels volunteers at community support connections – Meals on Wheels and More (CSC) are inviting friends, family and community members to “deliver the …

The Good Wheel is the cyclists charity, supporting community in meaningful, measurable and tangible ways that align with our shared ideals and the founding philosophy behind The Good Wheel.

As the number of people in Ireland travelling by bicycle continues to increase, there is also a growing recognition that more needs to be done politically to facilitate the development of such an envi…

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